Synchronized Skating Teams

Synchronized Skating is the original form of group skating events. Synchronized skating stresses the importance of unison, the accuracy of formations and synchronization of the team, incorporated into a program. The objective is for the skaters to perform as one unit as opposed to individual soloists.

Galleria Ice Skating Center is proudly the sponsor of four Synchronized Skating Teams.

Next round of auditions January 31, 2018. For more information, contact the Skating School Director, Shea Nelson at 972.392.3361.


Snow Angels - Thursday 5:15pm-6pm

Ages 4 - 7, skating level Alpha and above. Skaters must be able to stop, forward stroking and 1/2 swizzle right and left.

Toe Pixies- Wednesday 5:15pm-6pm

Ages 5 and above, skating level Gamma and above. Skaters must be able to skate forward well (speed will be judged) and stop completely.

Ice Angels - Wednesday 7pm-7:45pm

Ages 9 and above, skating level Delta and above. Skaters must be able to skate forward very well, backward well and perform good T-stops.

Arctic Angels - Tuesday 7:15pm-8pm

Ages 12 and up, skating level FS4 and up. Skaters must be able to do fast forward and backward crossovers, spirals forward and backward, flip and loop jumps, scratch spins, show stops.