Once you step on the ice at the Galleria, you'll discover it's truly the most unique and coolest ice skating experience around. With hundred's of stores, shoppers and restaurants, we put you in the center of it all. So, take a lesson, have a private party or just go for a spin.

2018 Galleria Dallas Grand Tree Lighting Celebration

Galleria Dallas opened in 1982, During the opening Olympic Champion Dorthy Hamill performed free for the Dallas community.  Since then more Olympic Champions and Olympic athletes have performed at the Galleria Dallas Ice Skating Center than any other venue in Texas. 

In 1992 Galleria Dallas invited Olympic Champion Kristi Yamaguchi to perform her Olympic winning programs in Texas. 

 Today, Kristi recalled that memory in a media article:

 Question to Yamaguchi: Describe that moment when you realized you were a celebrity after the Olympics.

 Yamaguchi: "After the Olympics, I was training in Canada, but I had made a commitment to make an appearance at these rinks in Texas. The first stop was Dallas and the next was Houston. I came for the appearances shortly, a couple weeks really, after the Olympics. It was the first time I had come to the states after the Olympics… It was absolutely crazy. It was at the Galleria Mall and the rink is inside the mall.

There were just thousands of people there. They were saying traffic had stopped… I think they still refer to that day as Kristi Yamaguchi Day (laughs) in Dallas and Houston. People were climbing the trees in the mall to try to watch me skate. It was actually the first time I had security who had to bring me in and out of the rink because we couldn’t get through all the people. I just looked around and was so astonished. I was even laughing. Like "Oh, this is what it feels like to be a pop singer or a Hollywood star when they’re ushered in and surrounded by security guards."

Yamaguchi 1992.jpg
We were in Dallas, Texas on December 16th for the Grand Tree Lighting Celebration at the Galleria Dallas. We got to skate around the tallest indoor Christmas tree in the United States, and perform for thousands of people! Special thanks to everyone who waited in line for the autograph session.


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