About the Ice Skating School

When you are a member of our skating school you get a lot more than just lessons!

Free Admission: All skating school members receive free unlimited admission to come skate during any of our daily or evening public sessions. Skate rental is free on the day of your lesson, any other day skate rental is $3.00. We recommend and encourage all class skaters to come in and skate at least one day other than the day of your lesson. Skaters will progress more rapidly with extra practice. Please check in at the admission counter when using this free admission privilege. Be sure to pick up a public session schedule today! (Skate rental multiple session discounts also available.)

Free Guest Passes: Bring a guest to show off what you have learned! Each skater receives three passes to invite a special friend to come skating with them during any of your daily or evening public sessions. These passes are kept in the skaters file in the shop. All you have to do is check in your guest with us when you come in to skate. (Skate rental of $3.00 not included.)

Family Discounts: When family members enroll into a 10 week session of lessons in the same semester of classes, each additional family member receives a 10% discount off their tuition of lessons. (30 -45 min. classes only.)

Make Up Privileges: 2-make-up classes allowed per semester. Corresponding classes to yours are scheduled on other days of the week. If you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled class, you will be able to make it up at those other scheduled times. Please check in at the shop to receive a make up slip. Reference the schedule to find out when you can make up the class.  Only two (2) make up classes are allowed per semester and must  be taken within the semester you are currently enrolled. Make up classes do not carry over to the following class semester.

Ribbon Testing: At the end of each semester, skaters are tested on skills they have learned in their classes and are rewarded with a ribbon according to their level. These ribbons are nice keepsakes that your skater and you will be proud to have earned.

Certificates of Achievement: Another way we like to reward skaters for all they have learned is by presenting a certificate of achievement with the skater's name, class level completed and level suggested by the coach for the next set of courses. These are rewarded on the last day of classes.

Recitals: On the last day of classes, skaters are able to show off what they have learned in front of family and friends by skating in a group routine to music! This is a lot of fun for the skaters and audiences alike! Oh, and don't forget your camera!

Skate Shop: The proper fit and style of ice skates is important for the skater to get the maximum out of their ice skating experience. We offer a wide variety of ice skates and accessories in our shop. We would be happy to help you select which model of ice skates, skating apparel and accessories would be the best fit for you.

Re-Enrollment Discounts: When skaters re-enroll into the next semester of classes, they will receive a 10% off their tuition. This offer is not valid with any other discounts or promotions. If a skater that is enrolling into more than one class, each additional class is 10% off! Exclusions: 15 min. Classes, Intro Classes, Drill Team, Theater Show and Off Ice Classes.

Class Enrollment Size: At times only one or two skaters may sign up for a class. In this situation, some classes may be combined due to the enrollment size.

Cancellation Policy: No cancellations or class credits available!!

Substitute Instructors: Instructors are assigned for the duration of the classes. Occasionally your instructor may be substituted by another qualified member of our staff.

Private Lessons: These one-on-one lessons are conducted during times other than your class times and are very beneficial to the skater who might need some extra help. Also, if the student has aspirations of becoming a competitive ice skater, the private lessons will make that possible. Whatever your goal may be, our staff of professional instructors will help you achieve them. All instructors work on an appointment basis, so if interested, please talk to your class instructor or leave a message with any of our sales associates in the pro-shop.

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to us. We welcome any comments or suggestions that will make your ice skating experience with us an enjoyable one!

Ice Skating Institute: Our skill levels are established by the Ice Skating Institute's, 'Learn to Skate' program. To become a member of the Ice Skating Institute, go to www.skateisi.org.